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Forex GOLD Investor is the most recent member of the FX Automator family and this article is a brief introduction of this product. This is an automatic Forex robot that is devoted to the Gold markets. It’s designed to be active throughout the trading session, increasing the potential for profit.

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It takes a position in a trading market by analyzing time and most profitable trading scenarios, such as “buy on deep” and “sell on strong” impulse. Its exit logic is a combination of powerful profit protection and drawdown reducing algorithms. Its exit algorithms shut down every trade at the right moment, ensuring the profits while minimizing losses.

Forex GOLD Investor Features

  • Forex GOLD Investor is an entirely automated trading system that is Completely set-and-forget.
  • It comprises 4 trading strategies that have been tested and proven that are all contained in one computerized system for trading.
  • Itcomes with an an intelligent system for managing money that safeguards the trader’s profit.
  • It provides you with the most effective suggestions up? Down? Market conditions are stagnant? Doesn’t matter.
  • It determines the most lucrative trading opportunities that are available at any time.
  • Highly adaptable algorithms: There’s no need to supervise this EA by implementing complex optimizations. Forex GOLD Investor’s utilizes highly adaptive algorithms to perfectly implement your strategy.
  • The top performers in one strategy for trading that is extremely effective: Hundreds of trading models were thoroughly tested and the top performers were put together into a strong trading strategy.
  • It meets the requirements for all kinds of traders, regardless of the experience level.
  • Forex GOLD Investor A proprietary system for managing money that is that integrates in Forex GOLD Investor.
  • Total Profit: $57 205
  • Win Rate: 69.16%
  • Profit Factor: 1.90
  • Max. Draw down: 7.46%
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee.

What is the process?

This program was shown to work using an established and tested strategy, which has been tested and evolved into trading algorithms which have been tested for the past 12 years.

The program doesn’t require anything from you. All that is required is a safe 5 minutes installation, with a safety system. It allows for regular trading using full MT4 which helps maximize the profit potential.

What you may not have known is that the software has the right trade entry and exit algorithms that produce a sort of magic within the go-extended trading system.

It is also a sophisticated money management system that can be completely automated using a simple the set and forget method. This program can operate 24/7 beginning on Monday through the closing of the market on Friday. It is not necessary to keep track of your trades.

What Comes With the Robot’s Package:

This guide will take you through the entire session in which the initial setup and running can be completed within five minutes.

You’ll be guided through the help desk with quick responses which will provide answers to your questions anytime.

The system employs an algorithmic trading system that is to be set and forgotten. You only need to install and run the EA using an adaptive algorithm. it will take care of the rest.

The program provides all future updates, which are generally absolutely free.

It is the complete solution that is fully compatible with Preferred’s MT4 trading system. Is this program legitimate or is it a appear to be a scam?

This program is incredibly effective under all conditions. I’m convinced that this software will provide you with the chance to earn more money than you ever have before. There is no need to spend millions of dollars to develop your own system.

This program is therefore legitimate and is not a scam completely. It comes with easy steps, and offers assistance whenever you encounter difficulties with the program. It is not necessary to be concerned about anything when working using this software.

Don’t be concerned regarding this product. There are reviews that suggest it’s a scam, however, this program is legitimate. Take a look at the 60-day money-back guarantee this program offers.



  • Forex GOLD Investor is designed to function using the M15 timeframe.
  • You can utilize Forex GOLD Investor and switch between live and demo trading whenever you’d like.
  • This program allows only a couple of mouse clicks and install the system, run and begin making money.
  • Forex GOLD Investor is based on the latest generation of technology.
  • The program is fully automated, which means it’s completely hands-free.
  • The program was designed for all. You don’t require any previous knowledge or experience to get this job.
  • You’re guaranteed 60-day money back guarantee in the event you aren’t satisfied with the services to provide.


  • This program requires a completely the use of error-free processes. In the event of an error, the robot is waiting until the best time to start an order.
  • It’s an online application, therefore it requires a reliable network to run it.


We can conclude that this program contains everything that you’ve been searching for to earn excellent profits on your investment in forex. It is a simple program with extremely easy steps to follow. It is also completely in charge of your needs since it is an automated system that receives complete instructions via the servers.

The only thing this program requires from you is perseverance and it’s focusing on middle-long-term hold trade and striving for bigger gains. The program is intended for those who like to play using books and make a strategy that was losing successful.

The program works flawlessly under all circumstances. I’m convinced that this program will give you the possibility of making more money than you ever have before. You don’t have to invest millions to create your own system.

The best thing to do is to purchase the software and not forget to request the refund. It is able to trade continuously throughout every trading session and maximize your potential to earn profits. So what are you waiting for? Grab this program now and start earning money.

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