How often and when to wash windows?

We suggest akende pesu 1-2 times each year – in spring and fall. Normal washing of windows and glass surfaces guarantees clean windows throughout the entire year. The recurrence of window cleaning relies upon whether the structure is situated in a metropolitan climate or close to huge blossoming trees. For this situation, windows and window outlines need more continuous cleaning.

How to Clean Windows

Window washing additionally incorporates washing of casings, outline holes and window ledges. Also, you can arrange the cleaning of ribbed curtains or lamellar curtains.

Window washing can be done in outdoor circumstances down to – 5 °C, however the best outcome is given by window washing in drier and hotter times, when there are in addition to degrees outside.

What to consider while washing windows?

The mid year window cleaning season really begins in pre-summer. In May, however at times currently in April. This implies that the tidying organizations’ timetables fire topping off rapidly currently in Spring. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re not one of the people who places in your request well ahead of time, you’ll be standing by longer than you’d like.

In a perfect world, the client orders window cleaning two times every year – for instance, in April and the second time in September-October. Along these lines, the windows stay pleasantly clean lasting through the year. For this situation, it is sensible to organize another window cleaning when the last washing is finished. It could become daily schedule. Then, at that point, you have something less to recollect and it is more straightforward for the cleaning organization to design its timetable to suit you.

Arrangements for window washing


In the event that conceivable, ensure that you can get to the house with a lift – the structure isn’t encircled by left vehicles or “eggs” and hindrances forestalling section. Orchestrate so the window cleaners can get to the windows with a lift. In the event that this expects that the lift truck will likewise be put on an adjoining part or in a neighbor’s parking spot sooner or later, settle on this ahead of time too.

In any case, in the event that a city walkway or carport should be shut for window cleaning, the cleaning organization itself gets the fundamental endorsements from the city. However, remember that this likewise requires some investment, since authorities by and large don’t answer messages around the same time.

Another thing – all windows ought to be shut from within. This is particularly significant for strip washing, since water streams in from an open window.

Assuming you request inside window cleaning, arrangements should be made in the workplace. Since window washing is a tranquil work, it should likewise be possible on a functioning day and during working hours, if fundamental. Obviously, it is smarter to plan it for the end of the week or at night, since then your office work won’t be upset briefly.

Regardless of when the time has come to wash, representatives ought to totally exhaust the window ledges. Indeed, the window cleaning detachment can likewise eliminate the praiseworthy letter and the photo placement, yet it isn’t ensured that the remover will actually want to return them at precisely the same point. To remain generally safe, pass on this undertaking to the super durable occupants of the workplace.

In the event that your cutting edge office has glass walls where engineers have composed significant bits of code with a marker and can’t be washed off, if it’s not too much trouble, mark them with post-it notes.

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