Most Washington DC Suburban Middle Class Neighborhoods in Real Estate Housing Decline

May 28, 2022 0 Comments

Even with all the massive government spending in Washington, DC and all the overpaid jobs in all the corporations leaching off the government we still find that the economy is topping off. It is evident that this is happening due to the real estate prices locally fair in Washington, DC.

Many of the counties above Washington, DC in Maryland have a zero growth in real estate prices and have completely topped out. The prices are not coming down yet, but they will soon. It is interesting to watch Washington, DC suburbs and to the real estate growth, top and a decline, as it shows us that Washington, DC is suffering the same fate as Silicon Valley after bubble burst.

In the suburban areas the low Washington, DC in Virginia there is a negative change in the real estate prices of between 2 to 5% drop and this has occurred in the last quarter and is expected to continue to decline. We will most likely see the Maryland suburbs do the same thing within the next quarter.

Eventually the federal government of the United States of America will have to stop spending and wasting taxpayers money and as they do this we will see many corporations laying off employees because they can no longer sponge off the incredible cash flow expenditures of the federal government. Of course Washington, DC although unique in the massive amount of cash flow coming from the government is not unique to the real estate market across the country.

It is interesting that so many people thought that this real estate boom would never stop. Apparently they did not study the flows and cycles of the real estate boom and bust that are so common to the Washington, DC area and the federal government’s fiscal policies. Please consider this in 2006.